Hello! Welcome to the homepage of Coach Jessica Rangel, USAT Certified Coach, Level 1. Here’s a little bit of background information about Coach Rangel! She grew up in a small town in Denison, IA. Throughout school the various sports she participated in included: cross country, track, soccer, swimming and synchronized swimming. Coach Rangel graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with bachelor’s degrees in Spanish, French and marketing. She continued her graduate studies in Spanish, earning a M.A. from Ohio University, where she also was part of OU’s synchronized swim team.

Coach Rangel started her professional career instructing collegiate Spanish courses at various institutions, including The Ohio State University. When her first daughter was born in 2006 she took an academic break and learned how to be a mother. It was at this time that her love for endurance sports started to thrive. She began instructing group exercise classes for the YMCA in Columbus, OH. By 2008 she decided to extend her endurance races beyond marathons to triathlons. A passion for triathlons started with her first sprint triathlon and continues to this day.

Jessica has competed in all distances of triathlon, from sprint to Olympic, half Ironman to Ironman distances. She currently coaches privately through You Can Tri and in group settings through the YMCA of Metro Chicago.

Coach Rangel personally understands the balancing act called life. As a wife and mother of two young children, she is able to help you design your own triathlon plan, taking into consideration your current professional and personal situations.

Whether you are a beginner asking yourself, What’s next? To a seasoned triathlete looking to improve your triathlon training, Coach Rangel will help you get there!

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